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A chocolatiste is a woman who measures a man’s attractiveness by whether or not he is worth his weight in chocolate – milk or dark, hard or soft. For fans of David Beckham, during the 2002 World Cup the measuring was done for them in the shape of a 9ft statue of the soccer star in chocolate, which was prominently displayed in a Tokyo street as part of an advertising campaign by Meiji, the big Japanese confectionery company.

Chocolatistes frequently regard the men they love as good enough to eat. The singer Madonna wrote in one of the letters and messages to former boyfriend Jim Albright, “If you were in the middle of a big box of chocolates, I would pick you out, pop you in my mouth and savour every tasty morsel.” And Sabrina Bliss, in Carrie Alexander’s romantic novel The Chocolate Seduction, desperately tries to resist the attraction to tempting hunk Kit Rex, but is undermined by the sheer deliciousness of his manly charms: “She pushed off the stool and went to stand next to him. He smelled like bittersweet chocolate, darkly sweet and delicious. Gobble, gobble, slurp, she thought, humming with vibrations at his nearness”.