A chocolagram is an anagram that reveals the underlying Milk Tray Approach in a brand, variety or characteristic of chocolates.  As with all anagrams some meanings take longer to uncover than others, but it is significant that words such as lace, bra and thong are so frequently found: it reflects the extent to which chocolates have embraced the language of seduction; it feeds the notion that chocolates have aphrodisiac properties; and it demonstrates the significance of the link between chocolates and lingerie: the ribbons, tissue layers and little frilly cups of chocolate packaging are symbolic of the pretty underclothes we have to ‘undress’ to get to the sweetness underneath; and the little swirls, waves and scallops etc. used to differentiate one centre from another are redolent of the decorative edging found on knickers, camisoles and bras.

A few examples:

Black Magic Selection = citing some black lace

Nestlé Dairy Box = a sexily torn bed

After Eights = great fetish

Passion Fruit Fondant = and a sin is oft upfront

Cinnamon Ganache = oh, meaning cancan?

Thorntons Continental = lo! instant horn content

A Chocolate Orange = echo to a carnal ego

Praline Hearts = at/near her lips

House of Dorchester = ooh, her soft seducer

Honeycomb Ingot = Boo! My nice thong

Burnished Nut Brulée = under her nubile bust

Box of Terry’s All Gold = got foxy Loll’s red bra


Pretty bra or gauzy tissue layer for ganaches?


Pretty packaging inviting us to ‘undress’ the chocolates before getting to the sweetness underneath. (image from the website:


Making the connection: satin lingerie collection from Miss Lala of London, inspired by the heart shaped chocolate boxes given on Valentine’s Day. (image from: