by The Chocolate Dictionary

 A person who likes to be, or fantasises about, being covered in chocolate. Sometimes just the eating of the stuff is not enough. Chocotectics like to wallow, often literally, in the sensation of chocolate against the skin, the heady aroma of chocolate all around, and the feeling of being ‘united’ with the food they love so dearly.


Chocotectics head for spas like Neville in Knightsbridge, who offer a two-hour “Matis Cocoa Wrap treatment”. Ostensibly designed to stimulate beta-endorphins in the body, “leaving you feeling completely satisfied”, to detoxify the skin (cocoa is high in anti-oxidants), and to exploit the moisturising effects of cocoa butter, such treatments are becoming increasingly popular with people who like the feeling of being covered in chocolate but don’t like the mess it creates.

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