by The Chocolate Dictionary

 A chocotectic is someone who likes to be, or fantasises about, being covered in chocolate. Some chocotectics like to wallow in the sensation of chocolate against the skin which, together with the heady aroma of chocolate filling their nostrils, leads to feeling of being at one with the food they love.


Others head for spas offering two-hour cocoa wrap treatments, as well as chocolate manicures and pedicures. Designed to stimulate endorphins in the body, to detoxify the skin (cocoa is high in anti-oxidants), and to exploit the moisturising effects of cocoa butter, these treatments are becoming increasingly popular with people who want to be immersed in chocolate but without the mess.

almost there

Not all chocotectics want to be covered in chocolates head to toe. There are many who like the sensation of  just being drizzled with it  – either as a prelude to more sensual activity (there’s always someone willing to lick it off!), or to make artistic and cultural statements about the complex beauty of melted chocolate.