by The Chocolate Dictionary

chocolate dream

The interpretation of chocolate in dreams. That chocolate is full of symbolism is very well acknowledged, so it comes as no surprise that in the psychology of dream interpretation chocolate can mean many different things.

One school of thought has it that dreaming of chocolate indicates a subliminal desire for more pleasure in life. For some this means more enjoyment or more carefree frivolity, and for others it means more romance or sex. Another viewpoint is that chocolate indicates a need for more sweetness, or even the desire to escape the pressures of life. There’s the opposite view too: that chocolate signals the dreamer is indulging to excess and therefore there is a need for self-restraint.

Chocolate is also said to symbolize an attitude of mind, or a memory of things, events or people that bring joy, such as holidays, relationships, and friends who make us feel welcome etc. Dreaming of opening a box of chocolates symbolizes the thrill, the delight, in approaching or engaging in new experiences. As a corollary to this, dreaming of chocolate could mean we are about to experience a great love, a celebration of some kind, or a richly deserved reward.

At a deeper level, dreaming of chocolate or, more specifically, dreaming of chocolates, symbolizes the desire for wholeness. In this interpretation, the couverture surrounding the chocolate represents the surface thoughts and mental processes; the filling inside represents the emotions and deeper feelings; and the sweetness of the confectionery itself represents the vitality, the lifeforce, that permeates everything.

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