by The Chocolate Dictionary

An elaborate and extravagant idea of chocolate creation or display; an over-the-top theatre of chocolate fantasy.

At one end of the definition there are the choccywoccydoodah tins of Cadbury Roses, Cadbury Heroes and Nestlé Quality Streets piled vertiginously high in supermarkets at Christmas time (and well before); and at the other end there are the superfragilistic and somewhat more expensive chocolates like Rococo’s medal-winning Red Berry Madagascar, an amazing, surprising, almost gesticulating ganache, meltingly delicious with an intense fruity interior to die for.

rococo ganaches

A box of Rococo ganaches (image from : Dukeshill website)

Choccywoccydoodah is also the name of the highly original chocolatier from England’s south coast town of Brighton, who also have a branch in London’s creative and bohemian centre of Soho. The name came to the founders after a night of boozy inspiration, unaware that the word already existed. A name perfectly intuited for the kind of flamboyant design company they are. More boudoir than chocolate shop, the Brighton and London boutiques may have a certain campness about their ambiance, but the way they push the boundaries of taste is nothing short of dedicated. Chocolates on offer include cute little birds and animals, men’s and women’s shoes, chocolate lip lollies, and naughty chocolate willies. Most extravagant of all though are their cakes and one-off chocolate sculptures – so fantastical that even Marie Antoinette would think they were too much.

choccywoccy london

Choccywoccydoodah’s boutique in London, just off Carnaby Street. (image from: Choccywoccydoodah’s website)