by The Chocolate Dictionary

A magic spell cast with chocolates. This following spell dates from Victorian times and was popularly believed to charm a lover into becoming more faithful and committed. Made up of the words. “XX loves me with all his/her heart, our love binds us to never part”, where ‘XX’ is the name of the lover, the spell was cast with rose and violet creams. In magic rituals, roses and violets are associated with love, dedication, and loyalty, and are connected to Venus.

Victorian style rose and violet creams – perfect for the casting of love spells. (Image from:


To maximize the power of the spell it was advised that the best quality creams one could afford should be used – the more resources a person put into casting the spell, the more they were said to get out of it. Using a hot knife, the bottom of each cream is incised with the initial letters of the words stated above – i.e. XX, L, M, W, A, H, H, O, L, B, U, T, N, P. (Only the initials were needed, as in magic each letter contains the whole word). Next, the incised letters are concealed by brushing the base of each cream with melted chocolate. When the chocolate has hardened, the creams are returned to the box to await an occasion when the creams can be shared together, and the magic spell can take effect.