by The Chocolate Dictionary

The belief that all art can be symbolised by the form and contents of a box of chocolates. Taking typical mass market chocolates like Nestlé’s Dairy Box and Cadbury’s Milk Tray as examples, the nut or praline-based chocolate found in such assortments can be said to said to symbolise the Classical style; the fudge symbolises the Baroque or the Rococo; the orange, or any kind of fruit truffle and fruit crème, symbolises the Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite styles; the Turkish Delight or similar “exotica” symbolises High Victorian Romanticism; the soft or runny caramel symbolises Impressionism, whereas the hard or chewy caramel is symbolic of Expressionism; the shape of the box, naturally, is symbolic of Cubism, and the colour of the box symbolises Pop Art; the lettering symbolises the Graphic Arts in general, and the plastic tray or dainty little paper cups  the chocolates sit in are symbolic of Conceptual Art.