by The Chocolate Dictionary

Chocolistic describes the kind of bonbon infused with so many layers of folklore and history that it gains a mythic status of its own. One example is the Manon Blanc, a signature white praline from Belgian chocolatier Leonidas. Filled with light, moussey, coffee-flavoured butter cream, it is not just the delicious taste and texture of this praline that has made it the most popular in the Leonidas’s range, but also the reverberations of romantic yearning contained in the depths of its ancient name. Manon is both the tragic young heroine in Abbé Prévost’s eighteenth century novel Manon Lescaut, and the golden sprite in Marcel Paignol’s 1962 novel Manon des Sources, later a hit movie starring the incomparable Emmanuelle Béart. Other Belgian chocolatiers, such as Godiva, Jeff de Bruges, Daskalidès, Corné Port-Royal, Passion Chocolat and FABchocolates have their own versions of the Manon Blanc, attesting to the power in the name to evoke deep-seeted emotions and connect to distant historical memories.

The Manon Blanc – both near and far away. (Image from: Leonidas)