by The Chocolate Dictionary

Boucher’s Venus and Mars Surprised by Vulcan.

A chocospere is an environment of beauty and opulence, a haven of serenity, or a place of inspiration evocative of sumptuous chocolates. The Wallace Collection in London is a chocosphere, with its rooms full of ornate Louis XIV and XV furniture, and its galleries hung with paintings like Fragonard’s The Swing and Boucher’s Venus and Mars Surprised by Vulcan, not forgetting the equally awe inspiring Titians, Vélasques’s, Gainsboroughs and Reynolds. One could spend a whole day, a whole week, in the Wallace Collection, lost and found in reveries of truffles and pralines, each adding to the richness of the one before. An even greater chocosphere is the Victoria and Albert Museum. The greatest museum of decorative arts and design in the world, this Victorian edifice contains collections of fashion, glass, jewellery, paintings, prints sculpture and theatre, such that one might think, on a quieter day when the crowds were absent, here be chocolates desirous of no end.