by The Chocolate Dictionary

In literature and film, chocolasmia is where the word ‘chocolate’ in the title or plot is a euphemism for themes of an erotic nature. Typical of the genre is the book Assorted Chocolates (2011) by Dujour which, contrary to what the title suggests, is not a enticing review of  pralines, truffles and ganaches, but a collection of erotic short stories. Similarly, there is Hot Chocolate (2004), a collection of “meltingly hot, satisfyingly short stories” written by black women who explore the “depths and heights of steamy sensuality”. No mention of truffles here either, for the dark contours, silky textures, and soft, meltingly intimate moments describe couplings of a human, not cocoa, nature . The photo series Strawberry and Chocolate (2011) would disappoint anyone looking for an original and interesting recipe book, but would delight someone interested in two sweet-looking lesbians – one light, one dark-skinned – absorbed in love and kisses.

It is worth distinguishing these titles from books such as Enid Futterman’s Bittersweet Journey and Em Woods’s Chocolate Dreams. For in these, the story lines really do feature characters who pursue chocolate before, during, or after being struck by cupid’s arrow.

Only one of these title is actually about chocolate. (Images from: