by The Chocolate Dictionary

A chocoffender is a person who breaks the law to obtain chocolates. In 2001, chocoffenders stole two pallets’ worth of Cadbury’s Milk Tray from a storage depot in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Although the crime was roundly condemned in the local press at the time, the greatest opprobrium was saved for the unchivalrous way in which the chocolates were sold on the black market, rather than being delivered to the bedrooms of the thieves’ girlfriends. A year later, a member of the gang struck again. This time in Sheerness, Kent, where CCTV footage released by police showed an agile man dressed in black making off with boxes of Milk Tray stolen from local supermarkets. None of the chocoffenders were ever caught. If they had, their crimes might well have turned back on them full circle if they found themselves incarcerated in Durham prison. For it was here that a group of students from the nearby university once broke in as a prank, and left a box of Milk Tray for the prisoners on the governor’s desk.