by The Chocolate Dictionary

A femchoc is a chocolate named after, or inspired by, a woman of note. A woman who, in the words of New York chocolatier Lagusta’s Luscious, is “beautiful, sophisticated, complex, and slightly hilarious”.

In 2010, the Canadian company Laura Secord marketed a range of chocolates based on the main characters in Sex and the City. Carrie’s was a milk chocolate Cosmopolitan decorated with a design of the Manhattan skyline; Charlotte’s was a dark chocolate lemon raspberry, decorated with a motif of high heel shoes; Samantha’s was a milk chocolate champagne decorated with symbolic clouds; and Miranda’s was a dark caramel almond decorated with leopard print. The Chocolate Bordello in Colorado sell truffles named after legendary prostitutes from the 1860 – 1930 mining community, calling them their “shady ladies”. There’s the Ethel Ayers (orange flavoured), the Cock-Eyed Liz (ameretto and almond flavoured), and the Mattie Silks (brandy and pistachio flavoured). Not to be outdone, Lagusta’s Luscious have their Furious Vulvas, and a collection called The Harlot Box containing four pomegranate and four lemon truffles – all tart.

The four divas: ‘Sex and the City’ interpreted in chocolate. (image from: http://www.chocablog.com)

Shady ladies from The Chocolate Bordello. (image from: The Chocolate Bordello website)