by The Chocolate Dictionary

To chocogynate is to make a statement of chocogyny (the description of women in terms of chocolate: see the definition elsewhere in this dictionary). When making such statements, a person describes or affirms a woman’s inherent chocolateyness:

  • Eloquence resides less in a woman’s tone of voice and choice of words than in the way her lips move when eating a chocolate.
  • Good chocolates, like women, will always find a way.
  • Like women, every chocolate has its depths to one who truly sees.
  • No man is an island but some women are rich, cocoa-dusted truffles.
  • Sinful caramels, muffled truffles, erotic crèmes – ah, the women in men’s most propitious dreams.
  • Is there any other way a woman may be more profitably engaged than in eating her way through a box of expensive chocolates?
  • In their laughter some women have the sound of handmade truffles tumbling like lottery balls.
  • Sometimes one feels, subtly, that a woman’s presence is like a heart-shaped box of Godiva pralines about to be opened.
  • There is always a woman, lips slightly parted, anticipating another ganache.
  • When a woman has a Foucher Art Deco chocolate box on her mind even the gods are afraid to put obstacles in her path.
  • Is there any truth in the observation that some women have chocolate-flavoured hormones coursing through their veins?
  • The way her light brown tresses blow in the breeze, one would say that silken caramels have found the secret of immortality.
  • It is not demeaning to say that some women, like some adjectives, are made to be paired with pralines.

The way to a woman’s heart is through her chocolates. Through, as in the way light shines through a stained glass window. (image from: 2.bp.blogspot/Pinterest)