by The Chocolate Dictionary

A chocoform is an object moulded in chocolate which, though serving little practical purpose, is admired for its realism and visual impact.

Popular with fans of the game are chocolate chess sets, with dark and white pieces made so they can be eaten when the game is over – after “choc mate” has been declared. Equally popular are chocolate tool sets replete with hammers, spanners, pliers, scissors, pincers and screwdrivers. The most lifelike of these are dusted with cocoa powder to give them an added rusted look. One can also find realistic chocolate keyboards, Lego bricks, CD’s, coffee cups, spoons, handguns, trainers, stilettos, flowers and lipsticks.

American company US Elite are one of many who sell chocolate ammo, comprising military-style tins containing 20 – 40 target-rich rounds of .50-calibre milk chocolate bullets. Good for occasions when the bullet has to be bitten; but even better for chocolateers, especially for those wanting to give new meaning to the expression death by chocolate.

Death by milk chocolate? (image from:

Also from the States, but less deadly, come the art duo Mary & Matt who do a chocolate bar in which the squares are replica Scrabble tiles. With bars like these, words like delicious really are delicious, and the joys of truffles, ganaches and pralines can be spelt out with so much more conviction than with tiles from a conventional Scrabble set..

Chocolate Scrabble tiles from Mary and Matt. (image from:

At the forefront of ingenious chocoloforms are Japanese artists like Oki Sato and his collaborator Tsujiguchi Hironobu, who create chocolate pencils so realistic one feels it really is possible to write with them.

Chocolate pencils for when a good point needs to be made. (image from:

Many truly remarkable chocoforms were displayed at the Tokyo Chocolate exhibition of 2007, including:  a miniature chocolate city (actually a 3-D map of Tokyo); a gramophone that played chocolate records; an anatomically correct chocolate heart, presumably for the chocophile in all of us; ballet pumps that looked far too good to eat; and individually cut chocolate keys for unlocking – what? – the secrets of the universe? Not at the Tokyo exhibition, but eminently worthy of inclusion, is the Hong Kong artist Toby Ng, who won awards in 2009 and 2012 for his amazing, lickable, British postage stamps.

First class chocolate. (image from: