by The Chocolate Dictionary

Named after the talented mistress and muse of Louis XV who inspired the Rococo style in France, pompadours are statements about chocolates characterised by an elaborate, eighteenth century sensuality of tone, and a direction that is wholly celebratory. A pompadour can be serious or frivolous but is never pessimistic, in contrast to the world weary pronouncements of that earlier great French epigrammist, the Duc de La Rochefoucauld.  A pompadour is, and by definition can only be, an elegant gesture dedicated to the glorification of chocolates.

Portrait of Madame de Pompadour by Boucher. (image from: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

  • “The elegance, the finesse, the subtlety of their shapes and textures, the combination of wit and gallantry in just the right proportions, give all good chocolates those qualities of poise and vivacity that people of taste find so agreeable.”
  • “Constantly ebullient is the language of chocolates: whereas bottles of champagne are being uncorked somewhere in the world every two seconds, boxes of chocolates are being opened all the time.”
  • “A box of Debauve et Gallais chocolates is a refuge in which harm cannot occur, and where perfection always stands apart from the corrosive power of weakness and time.”
  • “There are ganaches so exquisite all they lack are the pedestals on which to mount them.”
  • “When it comes to chocolates of quality, the border between luxury and necessity is very ill-defined.”
  • “It was while admiring her in the Hall of Mirrors, in the Palace of Versailles, that seeing her face reflected in the shiny surface of a praline he felt he knew her for the first time.”
  • “Cupid’s quiver is content to be empty of arrows as long as it is full of chocolates.”
  • “Sinful caramels, muffled truffles, gratifying ganaches, erotic crèmes – ah, the women in men’s most propitious dreams.”
  • “In the lexicon of truffles a coryphée is the type you can’t have just one or two of, can’t have just three or four of…”
  • “Taste, aroma, size, shape, sensation – these are the feathers that give all good chocolates their mmmmm wings of flight.”
  • “The distance between the love of chocolates and the religion of chocolates is measured in heartbeats.”
  • “Verily, in the magnanimous moment of a chocolate all shortcomings are mitigated.”
  • “The reward for those who have loved chocolates for a long time is to love them for all time.”
  • “There are images enough in a single chocolate to sustain a lifetime of reveries. They are the nipples of providence.”
  • “Naturally a crunchy hazelnut bâton would rather be a million than a mullion.”
  • “Pretty, decorative, fanciful, where every contour is a celebration, chocolates are wholly Rococo in their disposition.”