by The Chocolate Dictionary

The luscious, lingual vocabulary of chocolate promotion and the phraseology of its expression. In chocolalia, cakes, desserts, bonbons and anything else at all chocolatey, including cosmetics and colourings, are never just ‘delicious’, they are always mouthwatering; never just ‘enjoyable’, they are wicked or decadent; and never just ‘desirable’, but tantalizing or addictive. On Amazon, eBay and other web-based sales sites chocolalia has become the default mode when reviewing novels and recipe books:


  • “100 of the most decadent and delicious recipes.”


  • “Just reading this book will make your mouth water.”


  • “Chocolate is the ultimate pleasure: lick the bowl, lick the spoon, lick your fingers, and eat every morsel.”


  • “There is simply no such thing as too much chocolate.”


  • “Professional tips and mouthwatering photography will further entice you to sample this tantalizing chocolate selection.”


  • “These easy recipes will have you dashing to the kitchen to satisfy that craving.”


  • Naked and chocolate – two words that evoke a multitude of images.”


  • “Experience chocolate euphoria with our Chocolate Bliss Basket.”


  • “A feast of treats so you can truly tantalize your taste buds.”


  • “Just the tip of the chocolate kiss when it comes to the chocolate paradise.”


  • “Naughty? Of course. Nice? Ditto.”


  • The Seven Chocolate Sins: A Devilishly Delicious Collection of Chocolate Recipes.”


  • “The photos make your mouth water to the point that you can barely contain yourself.”


  • “If you feel like exploring indulgence and flirting with danger and sin . . .  chocolate is the thing for you.”


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