by The Chocolate Dictionary

Following a profound spiritual experience in 1654, French philosopher Blaise Pascal recorded the vision in a written note to himself, which he then sewed into his coat. In the summer months he carefully transferred the piece of paper to lighter clothing. Known as the Memorial, Pascal’s idea has inspired chocophiles ever since to inscribe their favourite chocolate insights, and sew them into their clothes so the inspiration would always be close at hand. Examples include:

  • “Into your life let truffles fall, as truffles should fall, like a constant, bountiful yes.”
  • “To connect the moment with sweetness – that is the purpose of a chocolate.”
  • “Flowers say it occasionally, but chocolates say it all the time: that life is sweet and we were born to enjoy it.”
  • “The sensibilities must be satisfied, the imagination must be nourished, and the hopes must be fulfilled, with chocolates.”
  • “Life is a gift and it offers the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give in return – as in the giving of an expensive coffret of ganaches.”

“Chocolates are the currency of love. The more it is used the more its value increases. So spend it, encourage it, distribute it as widely as possible, until the world is choc-full of its luscious coinage”. A Memorial to be sewn into one’s clothes? (image from: