by The Chocolate Dictionary

Chocoscopy means seeing the world through chocolate-tinted spectacles. A person with chocoscopy would ask of Tender is the Night, for example, whether it was the night that was tender or the chocolates. Of Pride and Prejudice, such a person would wonder whether Elizabeth’s heart might not have melted sooner if Mr Darcy had had the foresight to present her with an agreeable box of chocolates. Of John Buchan’s seminal 1915 spy thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps, would wonder whether, subliminally, Buchan wasn’t referring to the thrilling thirty-nine steps to his next box of chocolate caramels. And of Baudelaire’s words, “Here there is nothing but order and beauty, luxury, calm and pleasure”, a person with chocoscopy would wonder whether Baudelaire knew that, on a street not far away, a branch of La Maison du Chocolat would one day be opened?


A branch of La Maison du Chocolat in Rue François 1er, Paris. (image from: