by The Chocolate Dictionary

Chocolacious describes the suggestive and frequently salacious style of taglines typically found in chocolate adverts, and so fundamental to the Milk Tray Approach.  Examples are widespread and not at all hard to find, though some of the more memorable ones include:

  • “Increase her interest rate.” Green & Black’s
  • “Mikado – more than a little bit tempting.” Mikado
  • “She will be eternally faithful to him . . . with minor exceptions.” Suchard

  • “Have you reached your chocolate bliss point yet?” Hotel Chocolat
  • “The experience is silk.” Galaxy
  • “Let the decadence begin.” Godiva
  • “Make sure the kids are asleep.” Green & Black’s
  • “Melting?” Aero Bubbles
  • “Are you a chocolate sinner? Get your redemption.” Ferrero Rocher
  • “For heightened pleasure.” Galaxy Ripple
  • “Bishop and actress shared dark and secret passion.” Fry’s Chocolate Cream
  • “Going commando.” Mars Bar
  • “The softer way to practice safe sex.” Maltesers
  • “Don’t tell your husband you’re in love with a millionaire.” Lindt
  • “Driven to temptation.” Godiva
  • “She knows, in Italian, Baci means kisses. And she also knows that with kisses, it’s best to be generous.” Baci
  • “And all because the lady loves…” Cadbury’s Milk Tray