by The Chocolate Dictionary

A voice that sounds like chocolate: rich, smooth, creamy, and resonant. Actors such as Richard Burton and George Clooney are known as much for their lovely baritone voices as for their good looks and acting abilities. The rich soulfulness of Karen Carpenter’s voice was once described as “bitterness dipped in chocolate”; it was often said of soul legend Barry White – the so-called walrus of love – that his deep, velvety voice sounded like “chocolate fudge cake”; and the great American crooner Andy Williams, famous for his renditions of classic hits, was all the more appealing for a voice that was like “warm chocolate sauce”. Then there are the radio presenters whose deep, chocolatey voices soothe listeners with comforting tones.

Wholly chocotonal. Singer Sade’s sultry jazz voice has been described as “chocolate covered”, “like melting chocolate” and “flowing like chocolate syrup and cognac”. (image from: