by The Chocolate Dictionary

Chocosophy is the wisdom of chocolates. Conventionally expressed in adages or maxims – small but beautifully formed statements – chocosophy comments on, or advises about, chocolates,  favouring a sweet, paradoxical tone. Examples of this bite-sized wisdom include:

  • A chocolate as dark as night can make one’s day.
  • Fullness is an empty box of chocolates.
  • The formula for chocolates is: one more than the one before.
  • Sometimes a woman’s greatest strength is that she is too weak to resist a box of chocolates.

Those who eat after-dinner mints late at night should not be surprised if they wake up after eight. (image}

  • Half a chocolate is often a whole pleasure.
  • When Valentines blanch, chocolates put the words back in their mouths.
  • If ever your transgressions find you behind bars make sure they are chocolate bars.
  • Whether they are square, conical, triangular or lozenged, it is in the nature of chocolates that they will go round.
  • Bitter chocolates can leave such sweet memories.
  • It’s all right to think outside the box as long as it’s not outside the chocolate box.
  • If a truffle is a symbol it can also be a clash of cymbals.
  • Diamonds are forever – forever dreaming of becoming chocolates.
  • In an ideal world the Royal Mint would also be responsible for the after-dinner mints.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a ganache is worth a thousand pictures.
  • Every chocolate is a relation of elation.
  • Life should be one long succession of chocolates occasionally punctuated with chocolates.
  • Truffles are both the fuel and the fire.
  • In the astronomy of gastronomy all the stars are ganaches.
  • If you are looking for an occasion to have chocolates, provide the chocolates and you will have found the occasion.
  • There is no need to trifle with desserts when there are truffles to consider.
  • The hand that holds a ganache also holds your heart.
  • On the brink of satiation some chocolates appear to have no end.

Chocosophy: When time is measured in chocolate, every minute counts. (image from: