by The Chocolate Dictionary

A chocolate seemingly imbued with supernatural powers. For some, just the eating of chocolates confers confidence, power and energy. For others it has to be a certain type and no other will do. As in the case of Wayne Kelly, Britain’s 2011 Scrabble champion, who attributed his success to the Belgian pralines he always ate before a game; or the anonymous customer who in 1991 wrote to Bendicks of Mayfair about their Bittermints, describing he always kept one in the pocket of his silk waistcoat, “a talisman, to be reached for in times of danger” and held firmly in the palm of his hand. Thereupon, he claimed, the Bittermint imbued him with unshakeable inner security that was “proof against all forms of distress”.

The Bendicks Bittermint, endowed with special protective power.