by The Chocolate Dictionary

The anticipation of something blissful when in proximity to a box of chocolates, or the anticipation of chocolates when in proximity to something blissful. As when reading Pride and Prejudice, where even the most jaded reader feels as though she is running through a field in a red dress, pursued by Colin Firth with a box of violet crèmes.

Anticipating Colin Firth, violet crèmes, and something very blissful… (image from:

In the tap, tap, tap of stiletto heels, or the susceptive swish of a satin ballgown down a marble staircase, do we not hear the prelude to a box of Foucher chocolates? And in the shade of a lacy bodice, shaded by a chapeau, shaded by an awning, shaded by a chestnut tree sussurating in France, do we not feel the echo of fresh cream, cocoa-dusted truffles?