by The Chocolate Dictionary

A Bridget Jones-type phase some women go through following the break-up of a relationship. Quantities of milk chocolates are consumed while lounging in the comfort of a big sofa and watching a weepy film. A sweet-faced teddy bear may also be in attendance. In the Mars Galaxy version, once described on their website, the curtains are drawn, the cushions are plumped up, and you wrap yourself up in a duvet. Then, having chosen your favourite  movie you lie back and relax with Galaxy’s creamy milk chocolate – “utter bliss”.

The chocolates-on-the-sofa phase is a form of self-therapy with the, not unjustified hope, being that the mysterious potency of chocolate will work like a healing balm, dissolving the pangs of separation and lifting the emotions from their gloom. As one blogger put it in 2008, following her divorce: “I believe chocolate is the answer to all life’s problems! At least for my problems. I mean, what more could I ask for after being ditched after devoting 23 years of my life to one person!”


The healing power of chocolates helping to dissolve the pangs of separation. (image from: