by The Chocolate Dictionary

A chocolophyte is an artist whose creativity is inspired by chocolates. American poet Wallace Stevens once wrote “There must be some wing on which to fly”. For a chocolophyte, that wing is made of chocolate. Coleridge said great artists could be animated for a lifetime by one idea, one discovery. For Renoir it was the arc of female curves. For Degas it was the frothy tulle of dancers’ tutus. And for Robert Linxe, founder of La Maison du Chocolat, it was the search for the perfect ganache.


All the world in a tutu: Degas’ ‘The Ballerinas’. (image from:


If ever the definitive list of chocolophytes is compiled, the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens should be included, because of how the title to his album Buddha and the Chocolate Box came about. Whilst travelling to a gig by plane, with a Buddha in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other, he speculated that if he were to die at that moment these would be the last two objects found with him. The title of his album was his meditation on the life most of us lead – something between the spiritual and the material; not entirely one, but not entirely the other either.

Cat Stevens’ meditation on reality and chocolate. (image from: